I Still Want My Coat.

She enters Pa Adeniyi’s cab all soaked and wet from the heavy downpour. Her wet clothes cling to her shapely figure. The septuagenarian behind the wheel, Pa Adeniyi obviously has seen a lot of prostitutes before in his time and has had his fair share of women of the streets. This young lady sitting at the back of his car is different though. She is not only sexy but beautiful, a rare combination for women in this line of trade. Pa Adeniyi’s throat becomes dry when he looks at her skin. It’s radiant and alluring. It is begging to be caressed, stroked, kissed and bitten. The lady removes her drenched top revealing her green bra which flaunts her ample cleavage. Pa Adeniyi is aroused, his brain pumps blood to a part of his body that he thought had permanently gone flaccid a few years ago. She brings out a new top from her bag and wears it. It’s tighter and more seductive. Flick! A hot orange flame from her lighter burns her cigarette. Her cherry painted lips part evenly to allow nicotine escape. Pa Adeniyi is scoping her from his rear view mirror. She looks up and sees him looking at her. Their eyes meet. She lets out a small grin. Embarrassed, Pa Adeniyi focuses on the road ahead. Out of the blue, the voluptuous vixen leaves her seat at the back and moves to the passenger’s seat. She holds his left hand. “Park” says the lady. The old man doesn’t argue. She comes close to him and says “don’t worry baba I will treat you good”. Pa Adeniyi thanks his lucky stars for the wonderful night he is about to have. Continue reading “I Still Want My Coat.”